The Hearing Support Department

The 20-place resourced special educational provision for secondary hearing impaired children in the East of Lancashire, (SERF) is based in Hameldon Community College. Children travel from Barnoldswick, Colne, Nelson, Burnley, Hyndburn, Rossendale & the Ribble Valley by taxi  or minibus.  It is our policy to encourage upper school students to travel independently wherever practical.

The special provision for hearing impaired students has been in place for more than 30 years. The SERF is known as the Hearing Support Department (HSD). The resource base is situated within the Inclusion Faculty on the lower ground floor & opens onto a sensory garden. Access is by stairs & also by lift.


There are two teaching support areas & several additional smaller withdrawal rooms are available. Two Teachers of the Deaf & six Teaching Assistants (TAs) support the children, including a Sign Communicator for students accessing the curriculum through Total Communication.

All the children use MicroLink Radio Hearing Aids which are provided by the Local Authority & remain in school. Independence in hearing aid management & personal responsibility is encouraged. All children are expected to wear their personal hearing aids or speech processor at all times in school.

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Hameldon Community College