Emergency School Closure

Closure during the school day
If this is necessary, we will ensure that you are contacted to inform you of the need to close the school site. To ensure all contact numbers are up to date, please contact school if you have recently changed your number. You can also update your records through our Website CONTACT Page on: www.hameldon.lancs.sch.uk .

Closure before the school opens
Although our Facilities Management company who maintain the school site may clear the paths on and around our site, it may be necessary to close the school as the area in the nearby community maybe be unsafe to travel on by foot or road and also staff may not be able to travel from outlying areas. The decision to unavoidably close with not be taken lightly and consideration will be for the health, safety and welfare of everyone concerned with Hameldon.

In the event of a decision to close, the school will:

  1. Text parents using our texting system.
  2. Post a message on our Facebook page – Hameldon CC
  3. Update our school website homepage with a message to inform of the “SCHOOL CLOSURE” and the date it applies to.
  4. Contact the following local Radio Stations as soon as possible: 2BR Frequency 99.8 FM. You can also check 2BR Website – www.2br.co.uk and their Facebook page for up to date information on School Closures.

We would always attempt to make any decisions to close as soon as possible.

Contact with the school:

Whilst we would always hope to ensure that a member of staff maybe on premises to at least answer telephone calls from 8.30a.m., parents can also email head@hameldon.lancs.sch.uk

We hope that we will not need to close the school site, but if you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Updated 28 January 2019


Hameldon Community College