Hameldon Community College: our values and ethos

Hameldon Community College aims to be a community where everyone is inspired to be the best they can be, where excellence is nurtured in a place where everybody cares. Every opportunity is taken to remove barriers to members of the community realising their full potential.

The centre piece of Hameldon’s ethos is achievement by high quality teaching and establishing a culture of self-belief and perseverance:

  • Relentless optimism and the expectation that students of all abilities can learn and achieve is central to our ethos. Building resilience and enabling our students to learn how to become ‘unstuck’ through high quality teaching for the long term. Celebrating achievements and recognising the ambitions of all members of the school community.
  • Raise achievement through rigorous target setting, tracking and continuous assessment ensuring that our students can be praised for being on-track and interventions put in place where necessary. Support and challenge to meet targets is seen as a Hameldon students’ entitlement.
  • Hameldon’s day-to-day operational procedures and protocols are clear, easy to understand and are consistently applied. Clearly understood, robust policies, for example about marking and feedback, school uniform, attendance and positive behaviour are each consistently and persistently applied. Regular self-evaluation tests the effectiveness of these policies.
  • In Hameldon Community College, each day should be viewed as an opportunity to model and promote our values and every activity carried out should reflect these values. For example, the techniques used in creating a positive climate for learning, dealing with incidents, planning for teaching, learning and assessment are all routinely evaluated to ensure that our values are adhered to. As Hameldon staff we model the behaviours that we expect to see. The maxim ‘catch ‘em being good’ is something that we use to promote these values.
  • All members of our college community feel safe, knowing that instances of bullying and intimidating behaviours will be addressed. As such stake-holders are more likely to feel that they belong; potentially vulnerable students are less likely to be drawn towards unsafe practices that could place them at risk. By embracing the voice of Hameldons’ students we are more likely to get ‘buy-in’ and develop team work, empathy and resilience; skills essential to success in the 21st century.

Hameldon Community College